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By | July 24, 2017

Tablet NAMO e-TAB Sahaya Yojna Gujarat at

It is said to be the great opportunity for the people, recently vijay rupani has launched the women empowerment project in the state of Gujarat. It is the process, the tablet and smartphone for womens will be allotted. With this project, women around the Gujarat state can get tablet and smartphone by paying the down payment of Rs.1000/-. The candidates can get the loan in the installment of seven months at just the interest rate of 1% for year. To know more information, people can visit the official website at anytime to buy the Smartphone and tablet.

NAMO e-TAB Tablet Sahay Yojana Gujarat at Rs.1000/- (Token-Price) Gujarat on

Women who are all working in the different types of sectors in c o-operative dairy, co operative sector, rural women, students and housewives can utilize this scheme at anytime. Those women can go over the load by just paying the down payment of Rs.1000. This is mainly applicable for the three different types of Samsung phones and tablets. Along with the phone, they will also get a cover for the phone and tablets. This is said to be the best initiative for the women who are all working across the state.



NAMO e-TAB Sahaya Yojna Gujarat at

Thus the NAMO e-TAB is mainly said to be the new avenues of modern education through the allotted tablets across the state. With just paying the down payment of 1000/- you can purchase the tablet Kimate with worth price of Rs.8000/- which was mainly issued by Gujarat samachar. According to this scheme, students who have all completed their 12th examination and waiting for the admission in polytechnic and engineering can utilize this scheme at anytime. When comes to this scheme, you can also get the lenevo tablet with just paying token price of 1000/-.

Rs.1000/- {Token-Price} Tablet NAMO e-TAB Sahaya Yojna Gujarat at

After launching this scheme, most of the people are very much excited to know about the scheme and to get the free tablet. However, most of them aren’t aware of the registration process in terms of purchasing. Especially, 12th STD students have started to show their interest towards getting tablet. For those students, this scheme will be very useful at anytime. To registering, the students and others should follow the official website for free. It is said to be the Tablet Sahay Yojna website It is said to be the cheapest offer for the students and womens to purchase at just Rs.1000/-. By this scheme, more than three and half lakhs of students across the state will get benefit for education purpose.

Important things to note

When comes to this scheme, mostly all the women from schools to rural areas will get benefitted to know about the things happening around the world. It will largely help them to gain their knowledge over education and other aspects as well. All they just need to pay Rs.1000/- as a token price and can pay the rest though installment process for seven months. It will be mainly used for all the people that who want to gain their knowledge.NAMO e-TABLET Sahaya Yojna Gujarat online application more info at

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    1. Bhupendra patel

      Its a wonderful scheme..
      I like it..
      Nd I supported modi nd this Gujarat goverment tablet sahay yojna…

  1. Harshil

    I like it and i need this tablet.
    But i don’t know how to get it?
    Please give me a advice for it and i need it
    I completed 12th science just now
    And i admitted in engineering now.

  2. khushbu mehta

    please give the whole process how to get it ….I have completed my 12th recently and got admission too….please reply soon the procedure

  3. Narendra Pandya

    What about other students they caste their vote to non BJP
    Narendra Pandya

  4. Narendra Pandya

    Features of tablet and details about manufacturing company warranty period give these details


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